General Cleaning

General Cleaning

We have complete hygiene cleaning solutions for your home and commercial places. Gulfa international is an experienced professional cleaning service provider in Oman. We have the right and trained professionals to clean your place with utmost care and spotless finish. Excellence, quality, and dedication are our forte. We provide our cleaning services at affordable rates. We promise to surpass your expectations with regard to cleanliness and uphold the highest standards.

We can clean your place so that you don’t have to waste your precious spare time doing the cleaning. You can choose for house cleaning services Oman or office cleaning by looking into our packages and according to your budget. You can also choose customized cleaning services tailored to your needs. Our cleaning services include Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Housekeeping, Deep cleaning, Living room cleaning, Washroom Cleaning, Commercial cleaning, etc.

We aim to offer high quality service using top standard equipments and products. We can confidently say our house cleaning services Oman is the best and we will never disappoint you with our work. Along with comprehensive house cleaning services Oman or office cleaning you can also choose specific cleaning service such as carpet cleaning. You no longer need to go looking for carpet cleaning Muscat or Oman we are here to provide you excellent carpet cleaning Muscat or Oman. Our professional cleaners guarantee to clean each nook and corner of your building. We take care not to damage anything and carpet cleaning Muscat is done only after evaluating the carpet material. Our service is completed within the shortest possible time.

Our staff members are highly skilled and trained in cleaning procedures. They will take care of your valuables and ensure that they are not damaged. You rely on our assistance. You don't have to be concerned about cleaning because we are here to help.

Window and glass cleaning

Windows are an excellent way to expose ourselves to the beauty of our surroundings. However, when it becomes dirty, it detracts from the attractive appearance of your place. Over time, the windows in every place accumulate a lot of dust and grime. And cleaning it thoroughly takes a long time. Furthermore, without the proper tools and safety precautions, cleaning windows and glass at great heights will be difficult.

 However, we are here to help you. We have every cleaning tools and solution that are currently available. Thanks to our expert cleaning services, your windows will be spotlessly clean and shine. We recognize the types of stains on your windows and glasses and use the appropriate tools and solutions to clean them.

Deep cleaning

Some areas of your home are not properly cleaned during the normal cleaning process. Cabinets, sticky oil on kitchen surfaces, bathroom walls, tile corners, sofas, ceiling fans, blinds, and curtains must all be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and dust from within.

We are a professional cleaning service provider in Oman. We offer the most cost-effective cleaning solutions. Our deep cleaning services thoroughly clean the area, removing all dirt and dust. We also sanitize your entire space so that all germs and bacteria are killed and you have a healthy environment.

We employ highly developed cleaning techniques. We clean your place with the most advanced tools. The cleaning solutions we use are safe for you and your loving family. We guarantee that our services will exceed your expectations and leave you satisfied.

Residential cleaning

A healthy living environment is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. However, we rarely have enough free time to properly clean our homes because of our hectic lifestyle. That is why you will require our expert cleaning services. Our residential cleaning services can clean your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

The living room is the first room guests see when they enter your house. Furthermore, there is a good chance that they will evaluate your cleanliness based on how tidy your living rooms are. And so, you must keep it reasonably clean and tidy. Cleaning living rooms require special care and can be very challenging because of your expensive furniture and other decors. However, you can get assistance with that from Gulf international cleaning services. Our staff will be extremely careful with your valuables and will clean your living room in accordance with the types of objects in your living room to avoid any damage.

Furthermore, our professional staff will clean your kitchen and bathroom and leave them spotless. You can rely on our services for safety and quality.

Carpet shampoo and sofa cleaning

Carpets become dirty on a regular basis. If you have pets, their mess spills from food and beverages, and all the dirt from your feet are all tolerated by your carpet. Additionally, cleaning and handling them may be very challenging for you due to their weight and thick texture. It is strongly advised that a professional perform the task.

Your sofas will be vacuumed and cleaned to remove any dust and dirt that has accumulated. Our professional sofa cleaning services will remove any debris that has become lodged in the gaps. With the dirt and dust removed, your sofa will look and smell brand new.

Gulfa international cleaning service has extensive carpet and sofa cleaning experience. We clean your carpets and shampoo them using the most advanced methods available. Sofas are also cleaned with utmost care. Furthermore, the cleaning solutions we use will never harm the texture or quality of your carpet.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial buildings are frequently visited by a large number of people. And it doesn’t take long for your structures and locations to become dirty. Whatever business you have, you must maintain good hygiene. It is your responsibility to provide your employees with the safest and cleanest working environment possible. It can have a direct impact on their performance, focus, and dedication. The cleanliness of your establishment influences how well-mannered your visitors perceive you, not just the employees. You can impress your customers and business partners by keeping your workplace clean and tidy.

You can rely on us to clean your commercial properties without hesitation. Gulfa International is one of Oman’s most reputable cleaning companies. Our cleaning services would not bother your company’s employees. We clean and sanitize the entire area with great care so that your employees have a pleasant working environment. We can clean your office, medical facility, hotels, cafes, shops, etc. No matter how big your facility is or how long the cleaning process will take, feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Once you have booked our services, our staff will promptly arrive at your location with all of the necessary equipment.

Marble and granite cleaning and grinding

Marbles and granites are installed on every countertop and floor these days. Stains and dirt will begin to accumulate on them over time. The appearance of your room can be badly compromised by the stains on the marble and granite. We use specially designed formulas for marbles and granites to remove any stains that have accumulated in them. With our services, you can have marbles and granites with a gleaming and spotless finish.

Removing the top layer of a piece of marble and granite will reveal the new rock underneath. Our marble and granite grinding process use the most advanced machines and tools. This process will smoothen out the edges and removes hard stains and fix cracks. As the grinding continues the granite and marbles will look more shiner and polished.